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Spare Ribs & Stir Fried Chinese Yukon Potatoes

Hello Everyone!

I have been going to Core Power Yoga regularly for the past 6 months now and I absolutely love every moment of it. I bought a Groupon deal some time back in February and when that expired I was devastated that I couldn’t go anymore on an unlimited basis. But I decided it’s a great investment for my health and long term being I purchased the black tag membership and now I can go unlimited times as I please. Not only the class does an excellent job instructing their yoga moves but they also teach and advise key words and phases that we can use and embrace in our day to day lives. One of the keyword they used was “accept” accept who you are and who you have become and be proud of it. When I heard that I immediately reflected to the changes I made in the first six months of this year. I decided to take a major turn in my career life; I put my financial analyst career to a halt and went to culinary school. As the days and months passed by, I have learned to accept who I truly am and I feel really happy about it. My husband is my biggest supporter and I couldn’t ask for anything more! I am learning to become a chef in the making. So far the journey had been quite eventful and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Moving on to spareribs for today's menu, they are one of my husband's favorites. And Chinese people like to have these as appetizers. My family restaurant has this listed on their appetizer section and its always a hit! Yum! If you have never had Chinese style spareribs, you gotta to try them. They are so tasty!

Today I have prepared oven roasted spareribs. My husband is a huge fan of spareribs, especially ones prepared with marinara sauce. But today I am opting out the sauce and going a different route. Recently, our condo was fumigated and we threw out a lot of stuff in my kitchen to free up space. I looked in my spice cabinet and decided I can make a wet bbq sauce with the Belizean bbq seasonings I have. I am utilizing what i have and improvising.

Ingredients: ½ rack of spareribs 2 shallots 3 large garlic cloves 3 springs of scallions, chopped 1 c ketcup 3 tbsp brown sugar 3 tbsp Belizean bbq seasoning (you can substitute it with any kind of dry bbq seasoning) 1 tbsp garlic powder 2 tbps of cinnamon honey (any kind of mild flavor honey works too) salt and pepper to taste


1. Have your mise en place ready

2. Season the spareribs with salt and pepper. I am using Kirkland’s black pepper and their Himalayan Pink salt.

3. Mix the brown sugar, Belizean seasoning, garlic power together in a bowl.

4. Add in the cup of ketchup and mix well together.

5. Using a kitchen brush, brush the BBQ sauce onto the spareribs. Make sure to coat it evenly.

6. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees.

6. Next drizzle 2 tbsp of honey over the spareribs. Tuck the garlic and shallots under the rack of ribs.

7. Pop them in into the oven and let it slow roast for 2 hours.